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What is Sensitivity and How Can We Use It?

Growing up, many people said, "Rachel, you're so sensitive. Geeze."

I used that as a way to invalidate myself. I thought I should be tougher, stronger. Now, as a psychic, I realize that sensitivity is awareness and awareness is power.

The degree of your sensitivity is directly proportionate to the degree of your power. If you're really sensitive- you are really powerful.

The problem arises when we don't validate it or acknowledge it as a power. If we see it as a problem, we shut it down, and turn down our own power.

This is one way we give our power away. 

If you're really sensitive, own it. Validate it. Acknowledge it and use it as a power.

The problem is, the more power you have, the more you run into other people's energies. That means that if you take up a lot of space, or have a powerful aura and energy field, you're going to bump up against other people's energy. If you understand that, and learn to manage that power, then it becomes your ally.

You can get started with managing your power by downloading your Women's Intuition Toolbox and learning to work with your psychic space.

As we continue to grow and become more conscious, we will become more sensitive. This means we are more aware of energies. Validate that. Honor it. Then, use it as the gift that it is.

I love this quote from Jeff Brown:















One of the most challenging things to do is to keep our heart open. Even in the midst of heart-ache, or pain, or situations in which we seemingly aren't getting what we want. If you can stay open, and refuse to wear your protective armor, you are staying conscious and in your power.

You are acknowledging who you really are, an infinite, vast, powerful light being full of radiant love.

That's true courage. Harness the power of vulnerability, or sensitivity. Realize it's a great blessing.

If you'd like to receive validation of who you really are and your sensitivity, get a reading. I hope to work with you!

All my love,

Rachel Claire



Rachel Claire

I am a spiritual counselor, clairvoyant healer, teacher and writer. That’s the business side of things. But there’s also the me side of things; the woman who can’t resist petting animals and who has an occasional chocolate bar for dinner, who is more than passionate about women’s spirituality (and rights!) and loves living this amazing life of mine. Read More

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