What people often think I do is sit down with someone and tell them their future.

Most people, in the conversations I have, don’t actually believe in that.

Yet, that’s what they think I do. And, if they find out that’s not what I do, then they think I’m not a “real” psychic.

Hm. Does that look like a rock and a hard place to you?

If I tell you your future, I’m a phony. If I don’t, I’m not talented.

Go figure.

What I actually perceive that I do is totally different and has nothing to do with future or past. It’s beyond those constructs.

It’s actually that I see YOU clearly and the dynamics going on in any particular situation.

Let me give you an example.

Someone had entered a group I run online and had started posting a lot of their work. Artwork, their social media profiles, their writing.

I liked this person. I checked them out, checked out their profiles, and valued what they were saying and recognized it could be a contribution to some people.

The problem was, I was out of integrity to allow this.

I knew that it was specifically posted in my agreements that people are not to self-promote and if they’d like to, they must check in with me first.

For three months, I allowed this person to share, post and write a lot to the audience I’ve spent years growing. Soon, they started reaching out to me personally asking if I would join them in projects. Then, they asked if they could promote upcoming events in my group.

I said No.

Then, I started to get messages from other people in the group on-line asking who this person was, was she part of my group?

Was she an admin? They were confused by the messages as they seemed to not be in alignment with the agreements, intentions and promises I had made regarding this group.

I knew that this was true. I removed the person and their posts from the group immediately.

This was met with some back-lash. This woman told me that I was “charmed.” She indicated that I lived a lucky life and that I should be grateful.

What a clear seeing person sees about this is that…

A. My life is not really her business.

B. She has no idea what my “real” life is like.

C. She’s never met me- who is she to be commenting on my life?

D. Why is she telling me what to do, assuming that I am not, in fact, already grateful?

This is very conniving. Manipulative. Dark.

She then went on to tell me that I need to be kind to the hurt and wounded.

A clear-seeing person sees that this very statement implies that I’m not, currently, kind to hurt people.

A. What does she know about how I am with people in my life?

B. Again, this is un-solicited advice, and assumes that I currently am not kind.

Guess what? That’s actually unkind, isn’t it? Ha! So often, that which we are accusing others of doing, we ourselves are doing.

Finally, she let me know that she was not “in fact” self-promoting. She does all she does for free or very little.

A. So, therefore, just because she doesn’t require money she is not, in fact, self-promoting? No, she is. She was. Clearly. And now she’s not accepting ownership, accountability or responsibility.

This is scary stuff folks. This is what happens when people go unconscious, choose anti-consciousness, project and blame.

What if she would have just gotten my communication that I was terminating her from the group and thanked me? What would that be like?

She could have actually been grateful that I allowed her to self-promote in my private group, for three months, to people I pay to find.

I have been paying for her to have a larger reach, to gain an audience, and for her to be seen and for her work to get out in the world. You’re welcome.

This brings me to another point. Often, the answer is: YOU’RE WELCOME. Or, THANK YOU.

In any given moment, there is a light, an opportunity, growth to be had.

We can treat people with honor and respect, or we can choose to react, justify, attack and blame. More of the same – been going on for thousands of years.

She told me I was a “Steward of light” and as such had some specific responsibilities that she was more than happy to outline for me.

Wow. Projection much? I do not need to subscribe to her labels, nor what she thinks they mean about how I should live my life.

I know it’s a tricky world out there. Navigating relationships, being ourselves, asking for what we need, setting boundaries, all this takes something.

None of us is perfect, and we all slip up.

However, if we’re defending, if we’re giving unsolicited advice, if we’re attacking or blaming, these are BIG warning signs that there’s likely something we’re avoiding being responsible for.

What would that be like if each of us assumed positive intent of others, had clear communication, cleaned things up and were more grateful to people, places and things, assuming that all is working out for us?

All my love,


Rachel Claire