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Access Consciousness

How to Have the Most Ground-Breaking Epiphanies and A-ha Moments

What else is possible-

Oh my goodness. I’ve been having the most ground-breaking epiphanies, a-ha moments and revolutionary thoughts. I’ve been secretly stealing away and doing something that lights me up in immeasurable ways. I feel like I should let you in. It’s my reading life. Boy! Is it a saucy, private, juicy space lately! I know not everyone digs reading,…

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What is Consciousness and How Can You Have It?

Intuition is the Language of Your Soul, Are You Fluent?

Before I did Access Consciousness classes, the term “consciousness” seemed very esoteric, and out there. It seemed like a word people threw around to label other people’s awareness. After Access classes, I realized that consciousness is who & what we are, but it is also a choice. Consciousness is something we can have more of,…

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5 Quick Tips to Keep Psychic Separation & Survive the Hectic Holidays

The holidays are upon us. For some, this means some variety of fun, family, hot cocoa and winter adventures. For others, it can mean stressful family situations, feeling triggered and sadness. Not all of us have family & friends to be with during the holidays and for those of us who do, it’s not always…

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Make Like Lady Gaga & Get Saucy

My mom called and shared that she was going to the Lady Gaga concert with her best friend. They had club seats, for free, right close to the stage. I oohed & awed & raved about how awesome that was. She shared with her friend my enthusiasm, to which her friend replied, Oh, take Rachel!…

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