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How to Actualize Anything You Desire in 5 Simple Steps

In my private practice, I work with many women who are in transition. They are going through a relationship change, preparing to have a baby, finding a job, switching careers, opening up to their creativity & artistic expression. Many people ask the question, “How do I get what I desire?” In my point of view,…

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How to Feel Better and Be Divinely Guided in Two Easy Steps

So often people come to me feeling sad, out of sorts and confused. The first question I ask is: Who does that belong to? We are all so psychic and have way more awareness than we give ourselves credit for. We pick up stuff from people all the time & then we start to feel heavy,…

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Why You Don’t Have to Change One Iota to Be Loved or to Thrive

I know many of us are really going through interesting times, myself included. From death, loss, separations, to sadness for the state of the world, there’s a lot we could be stressed about. Other people I know put on the shiny happy face a lot. For a long time, I was just really confused about…

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