Access Consciousness

What if You Could Have it Better Than You Could Have Planned or Imagined?

Before finding Access Consciousness and learning the Bars healing modality, I would hear friends talk about it, and I saw many of their lives change before my eyes, but it sounded weird. I imagined people holding tuning forks above people’s heads, or some bars of something. When I heard it was $200.00 for the introductory…

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Overwhelmed? Discover 4 Simple Soul-Soothing Practices

We all get overwhelmed sometimes. The pace of today’s world is fast and so it’s even more vital than ever that we have great self-care. Just like we wash our hair & body before we leave the house, it is crucial that we learn to be space, be our energy and be who we really…

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How Does a Psychic Reading Help?

I had my first psychic reading when I was in my early twenties. I was in a dark night of the soul. A boyfriend had walked out one day and ceased all communication without any warning. I was left, alone, hurt & feeling abandoned & confused. I needed support. I needed to understand on a…

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