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Access Consciousness

How to Know Who You Really Are and Live Your Truth

In the Bible, Matthew 6:33, it reads, “Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all things shall be added unto you.” Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita says something similar. Perhaps we should pay attention when great spiritual teachers say the words, “First.” Perhaps this is our first step on the spiritual journey.  Well, what…

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How to Market Yourself and Attract Clients in 5 Easy Steps

How to clear your money blocks

Does the word psychic make you squirm? Some of my friends report that they don’t like my website name, The Boulder Psychic. You’re so much more than a psychic! They say. It’s true. Psychic isn’t necessarily the best term to describe who I am or what I have to offer. It is a great term…

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The Secret Power of the Feminine and How to trust Yourself

In the masculine model of the old-world paradigm, we do. We effort. We follow a formula and we get a result. This is, as I said, the old model. More and more women clients are coming to me for similar reasons. We are waking up to our divine feminine, our power, our healing abilities. I…

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