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How to Feel Better and Be Divinely Guided in Two Easy Steps

So often people come to me feeling sad, out of sorts and confused. The first question I ask is: Who does that belong to? We are all so psychic and have way more awareness than we give ourselves credit for. We pick up stuff from people all the time & then we start to feel heavy,…

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The 3 Basic Things All People Need and How You Can Love Better

I recently had a male friend come to me and say, “Rachel, I’ve quit reading your blog because I know that you’re going through some tough patterns in your relationship & so I don’t want to read your blog anymore, you’re not walking your talk.” I took his words to heart, as I would the…

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How Single Women Can Avoid False Intimacy and Attract Authentic, Deep, Relationships

Many people speak of shining their light. I believe this is what we are here for, to learn to show that part of us that is the Divine, the eternal. To shine our light, we must be present and be authentic. To be present, we must be anchored into the body, be here & now,…

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