Party Goers: Are You Committing this Brash & Brazen Faux-Pas?

Though I seem to steer clear of most parties these days, perhaps for this particular reason, the other day I found myself at a gathering. A good friend of mine was going to be in attendance and I was going mainly to see her. Perhaps that was my first mistake, attempting quality one-on-one time at a party.…

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How to Be a Conscious Parent

I’m reading an excellent book by a woman named Shefali Tsabary called, The Conscious Parent, transforming ourselves, empowering our children. She was featured on Oprah’s, Super Soul Sunday. One of my great passions and areas of interest is education and the parent/child relationship. Given that I’ve spent my life in education, having served as a full-time teacher…

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Heal Your Inner Child and Share Your Heart Art

I remember driving in my car, wind in my hair, with Alanis Morisette blasting on the radio. Her raw, angry lyrics opened up a part of me, gave me permission. Being a psychic is about having permission. We give ourselves permission to see and be seen, we give ourselves permission to heal and let go…

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