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Are You Guilty of these Common Business Mistakes that Keep You Broke?

One problem I see in spiritual communities is that people expect others to work for them for free. I can’t even count the number of times people ask me to give them a quick reading or check in or advice for free. That’s ridiculous. Some have even said, “Could you check on this for me…

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The 3 Questions You Must Ask In Relationship to Know What You Value and What You Want

Dearly Beloved, If there’s one job we have in relationship, it’s to clearly communicate our needs. Then, it’s up to the other person whether or not they’ll meet them. The problem is that we have to unravel the past conditioning we’ve inherited.  We’re trained to not really show up, to not put our needs on the…

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The Top Two Things Women Must Do to Heal & Attract a Healthy Relationship

It can be hard to voice our needs once we are in relationship. We fear that we may lose the other person, or, that we’ll be judged. We’d rather die than have people not like us, or come off as needy. The fact is, many of us grew up in homes where we tried to please…

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What Makes a Relationship a Relationship?

In follow-up to my post about narcissists called, The Problem with Being Swept off Your Feet” I want to distinguish the difference between a narcissist we can be in relationship with, and one we can’t, and what it really means to be in relationship. You see, we are all narcissists. In fact, it is said…

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