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What Makes a Relationship a Relationship?

In follow-up to my post about narcissists called, The Problem with Being Swept off Your Feet” I want to distinguish the difference between a narcissist we can be in relationship with, and one we can’t, and what it really means to be in relationship. You see, we are all narcissists. In fact, it is said…

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3 Secret Steps to Starting Your Soul’s Work

Dear Spiritual Seeker, You have a lot to offer! You want to share your gifts with the world. You want to contribute, make a difference, be of service. You know you can create the life of your dreams, you’re just not exactly sure how sometimes. You feel stuck. You procrastinate. You resist. You know you…

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The Law of Divine Compensation

I made my way through the pouring rain into the great, white, dome of Mile-Hi church. I was so excited to soon see such a powerful and inspiring icon of our times. When they announced her name and she showed up on the stage, tears filled my eyes. I was overcome with emotion at the opportunity…

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