Why You Don’t Have to Change One Iota to Be Loved or to Thrive


I know many of us are really going through interesting times, myself included. From death, loss, separations, to sadness for the state of the world, there’s a lot we could be stressed about. Other people I know put on the shiny happy face a lot. For a long time, I was just really confused about…

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How Single Women Can Avoid False Intimacy and Attract Authentic, Deep, Relationships

How women can avoid false intimacy and create authentic, lasting relationships

Many people speak of shining their light. I believe this is what we are here for, to learn to show that part of us that is the Divine, the eternal. To shine our light, we must be present and be authentic. To be present, we must be anchored into the body, be here & now,…

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How Women Can Be More Juicy & Sweet in 3 Easy Steps

I once had a boyfriend who I’m not sure I even liked. He was charming and sexy and charismatic and very forward in his pursuit of me. I found this enchanting, as most people would, for I think many of us love attention. Isn’t that what we all want? To be noticed, seen, adored and…

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Being Psychic is the Wave of the Future, Don’t Miss Out on Developing Your Sixth Sense


A couple of years ago I was earning my Yoga Teacher certification through Core Power here in Boulder, Colorado. I had the great fortune to study under stellar teachers and even attend a Cadaver Lab. In this lab, I was able to see the parts of a dead body. If ever I had questions about…

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