What is a Clairvoyant Reading & Healing?

A clairvoyant reading & healing communicates who you are as a spiritual being and what you came here to do this lifetime. I communicate this information to you by translating symbols, colors and mental pictures in the layers your aura and by connecting with your spirit guides. Your spiritual growth and the experiences you’ve chosen are reflected in your aura.

I can see where your energy is bright and flowing and where it is stuck or stagnant. While it won’t tell you what to do with your life, a reading often validates what you’ve already accomplished and lets you see that you are the creator of your choices. A reading empowers you to move forward with your own certainty and knowingness.

Healing occurs because once energy is seen, validated & acknowledged, it can move. Energy that is foreign, belongs to someone else, or no longer serves will move out of your space when the ‘picture’ or originating reason it’s there is identified and moved. Having our spirits be seen and validated is deeply healing.



Questions people have asked during a reading:

  • What do I need to do to become a vibrational match for an amazing relationship?
  • How can I transition from my current job that I hate to the one I really want?
  • What am I missing that my guides really want me to know?
  • What is my life purpose? Why am I here?
  • How can I earn more money and get out of debt?
  • Should I stay in this relationship or leave?
  • Should I move?
  • What’s really going on in this relationship?
  • Should I stay in my marriage, or go?
  • Why am I having these physical symptoms?
  • How can I heal?



How do I book a session?

Visit my Clairvoyant Reading page and buy your session now. After you pay via Paypal, you’ll be taken to my on-line calendar, where you can pick a date and time that work for you. If nothing works, email me and we’ll work it out.



What is the fee for a reading?

Your investment in a reading is $227



What does the session include?

  • 1 x approx 60 minute Clairvoyant Reading and Healing session in person or via phone
  • Opportunity to ask multiple questions
  • A pre-session PDF ritual to create sacred space for our call & get the most out of your session
  • An audio recording of our session provided in mp3, downloadable directly to your computer or itunes
  • An after-care follow-up PDF sheet full of tips for holistic healing & ways to develop clairvoyance
  • Women’s Intuition Toolbox with healing meditation and my e-book: 3 Highly Effective Ways to Awaken Your Intuition Now,  to assist you in enhancing your intuition.



What should I expect from my in-person session? (all sessions are currently via phone)

You’ll join me in my home office. We’ll sit across from each other in two sofa chairs. I’ll set a timer, record our session, and say and prayer and adjust in.

Be sure you are hydrated and comfortably fed prior to the session.  You may wish to have paper and something to write with if you’d like to take notes, though I will send you a digital download of our session via email.

At the start of our reading, I’ll adjust in, say a prayer, and share with you messages that I see from spirit. After my initial guidance, I will open to your questions.

I will look at your energetic body and access Divine guidance to receive the most clear and accurate information available based on your current situation.  I will receive images in my mind’s eye in answer to your questions. I may see that your current struggles or questions have to do with a past life, or an energetic block.

Once energetic blocks have been identified, we clear the blocks through energetic release.  We may access deep layers of emotions or traumas that haven’t been processed all the way through.  We may access stored information from a past life.

I trust that the information that comes through in the session is perfect.

We then conclude the session with a closing meditation and intention for your healing process.

Following the session, be sure to drink lots of water and be gentle with yourself for several days.  It takes about 3 days for the healing to fully integrate.  You will receive information after the session on ways to take care of yourself.

Most people report feelings of clarity, encouragement, relief, amazement, or feeling lighter, just to name a few.  It is truly a healing experience.



What should I expect with a phone session?

Some people ask if receiving a session over the phone is as effective as receiving a session in person.  The answer is “yes”, it is equally as effective.  With energy, we are working on the ether, which is a timeless, space-less dimension.

I can just as easily see your energetic body over the phone as in person and the clearing over the phone is equally as effective.

A clairvoyant reading & healing over the phone follows the same format as an in-person session, so be sure to read the description above.  When we are doing a phone session, please have a comfortable room to be in where you are free of interruptions. I will record our conversation and send you the recording in an mp3 file; you may also wish to have writing materials handy.

Be sure you are hydrated.



What results can I expect?

My clients have reported feeling lighter, more confident, clear & uplifted about their life. Often times, people have breakthroughs in an area of life that’s important to them. Some attract in a new relationship, receive money, heal relationships, & get new ideas that light them up & inspire them.



What’s your cancellation policy?

If you have to cancel your session, please give me 24 hour notice via email.

If you don’t give me 24 hour notice, I am unable to refund your money or reschedule you. I ask that you respect my time and my schedule.

If you give me 24 hour notice, I am happy to reschedule your session or offer you a full refund.


How often do you recommend I get a reading?

I’m unique in that I actually only offer one 1:1 session to my clients. After your one session, the only way to work with me is in my 90 day coaching program, Miracles Manifest. You can find out more about that here.


What other ways can I work with you?

The only way to work with me is through a Free Strategy Session, Clairvoyant Healing session and my Miracles Manifest program. Free sessions are only for new clients.


 Thank you so much for joining me and reading this page. I hope to work with you!



Rachel Claire