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a course in miracles

What is The Higher Self and How Do We Access It?

” Love is untarnished by anything that has happened in the material world.” ~ Marianne Williamson, The Gift of Change. The Higher Self is the part of us that is still one with Source Energy. Imagine that you are a being of light and that you exist in multiple dimensions, in multiples spaces and places…

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Are You Stingy with Your Likes? How Facebook is a New Currency that You Can Use to Change the World

“Give what you have. To someone, it may be better than you dare to think.”~Henry Wordsworth Longfellow I’ve noticed an interesting phenomena. When I share a status update about my day, 40 likes. A trip I’m going on? 50. When I work on a blog post for two days, and share the deepest spiritual truths…

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The Law of Divine Compensation

I made my way through the pouring rain into the great, white, dome of Mile-Hi church. I was so excited to soon see such a powerful and inspiring icon of our times. When they announced her name and she showed up on the stage, tears filled my eyes. I was overcome with emotion at the opportunity…

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What is a Spiritual Journey?

“We move spiritually as we drop attachment to who we think we are. To ask is to know your identity; to let go is to transcend it. ‘I drop the roles and identifications I have collected and live from the authentic center of myself.’ ‘I am still a loving person when I let go of…

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