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What is Consciousness and How Can You Have It?

Before I did Access Consciousness classes, the term “consciousness” seemed very esoteric, and out there. It seemed like a word people threw around to label other people’s awareness. After Access classes, I realized that consciousness is who & what we are, but it is also a choice. Consciousness is something we can have more of,…

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How to Care for Your Self and Manage Your Energy in 3 Easy Steps

  We are sensitive beings and we often pick up the energy, thoughts, and feelings of people around us. It is important to learn to manage our energy and we can do so by taking good care of ourselves and paying attention to our energetic boundaries. There are a few routines I do every day…

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Could this Common Problem Be Holding Single Women Back from Attracting Their Mates?

The other day I was energetically reading a client. She wanted to know why she wasn’t attracting a partner when she was athletic, healthy, attractive, had an on-line profile and was visualizing receiving a mate. When I looked at her energetic body, I could see that she had her mother’s energy stored in her second…

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