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How to Care for Your Self and Manage Your Energy in 3 Easy Steps

  We are sensitive beings and we often pick up the energy, thoughts, and feelings of people around us. It is important to learn to manage our energy and we can do so by taking good care of ourselves and paying attention to our energetic boundaries. There are a few routines I do every day…

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You Have a Right To Say No

I’m reading a book called, The Power of No, by James Altchuer It’s revolutionizing the way I think. It suggests that we have a right to say no to people, events, and things that we don’t wish to choose. It’s inspiring me to really believe, on a deeper level than ever before, that I am…

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Going at it with Your Partner? Three Things You Can Do to Turn it Around Now

  In the past, I’ve spent the limited time my partner and I had together, fighting. Something would come up, I’d get triggered, and I’d start to go on a rampage about what wasn’t working, or how he’d hurt me, or how our relationship was clearly over. Soon enough, the plans for our weekend would…

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How Men & Women Can Have Healthy Boundaries in Relationship and How to Tell if Your Boundaries are In Balance

If you didn’t go up with present, appropriate and loving adults, then you were neglected or abused in some way. Turns out, that’s good news. Check out this quote from one of my favorite teachers & authors, Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes: “The original abandonment, the original abuse, the original horror has some reason and meaning…

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