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Burning Man

What is a Spiritual Journey?

“We move spiritually as we drop attachment to who we think we are. To ask is to know your identity; to let go is to transcend it. ‘I drop the roles and identifications I have collected and live from the authentic center of myself.’ ‘I am still a loving person when I let go of…

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Opportunities for Travel, Yoga, Creativity & Connection: An Interview with Una Paradox

It is such a joy to introduce to you Una Viggiani, artist, yogini, teacher, leader, workshop facilitator. Click play and settle in for my interview with this dynamic & powerful woman. If you want to find out more about Una, or wish to join her on one of her many exotic adventures, click here to…

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There is a Massive Women’s Movement Happening On-Line, Are You Aware?

There is a huge women’s movement happening right now. We are not in the streets holding picket signs. We are not being filmed burning our bras. Our mothers and sisters and aunts and grandmothers already did that. The ground-work has been laid. The fire, ignited. We women, we aren’t talking about what we want. Not…

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