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3 Secret Steps to Starting Your Soul’s Work

Dear Spiritual Seeker, You have a lot to offer! You want to share your gifts with the world. You want to contribute, make a difference, be of service. You know you can create the life of your dreams, you’re just not exactly sure how sometimes. You feel stuck. You procrastinate. You resist. You know you…

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How to Market Yourself and Attract Clients in 5 Easy Steps

How to clear your money blocks

Does the word psychic make you squirm? Some of my friends report that they don’t like my website name, The Boulder Psychic. You’re so much more than a psychic! They say. It’s true. Psychic isn’t necessarily the best term to describe who I am or what I have to offer. It is a great term…

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What is a Spiritual Journey?

“We move spiritually as we drop attachment to who we think we are. To ask is to know your identity; to let go is to transcend it. ‘I drop the roles and identifications I have collected and live from the authentic center of myself.’ ‘I am still a loving person when I let go of…

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