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Being Psychic is the Wave of the Future, Don’t Miss Out on Developing Your Sixth Sense

A couple of years ago I was earning my Yoga Teacher certification through Core Power here in Boulder, Colorado. I had the great fortune to study under stellar teachers and even attend a Cadaver Lab. In this lab, I was able to see the parts of a dead body. If ever I had questions about…

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Could this Common Problem Be Holding Single Women Back from Attracting Their Mates?

The other day I was energetically reading a client. She wanted to know why she wasn’t attracting a partner when she was athletic, healthy, attractive, had an on-line profile and was visualizing receiving a mate. When I looked at her energetic body, I could see that she had her mother’s energy stored in her second…

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How to Know if Your Chakras are Blocked and 3 Simple Ways to Open Them

I was watching Dr. Oz the other day because he was doing a show all about the Chakras! YES! The western world is catching up, and these energy centers, once considered “woo-woo” are now becoming well known. A western Doctor, a Neurologist, was on the show sharing that she believes blockages in our Chakras are…

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