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Going at it with Your Partner? Three Things You Can Do to Turn it Around Now

  In the past, I’ve spent the limited time my partner and I had together, fighting. Something would come up, I’d get triggered, and I’d start to go on a rampage about what wasn’t working, or how he’d hurt me, or how our relationship was clearly over. Soon enough, the plans for our weekend would…

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The 3 Questions You Must Ask In Relationship to Know What You Value and What You Want

Dearly Beloved, If there’s one job we have in relationship, it’s to clearly communicate our needs. Then, it’s up to the other person whether or not they’ll meet them. The problem is that we have to unravel the past conditioning we’ve inherited.  We’re trained to not really show up, to not put our needs on the…

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The Top Two Things Women Must Do to Heal & Attract a Healthy Relationship

It can be hard to voice our needs once we are in relationship. We fear that we may lose the other person, or, that we’ll be judged. We’d rather die than have people not like us, or come off as needy. The fact is, many of us grew up in homes where we tried to please…

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