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It’s My 35th Birthday! I’ll Share My Secret Wish!

A year ago on my birthday I had just gotten out of an abusive relationship. I was gearing up to go to a silent, ten-day meditation retreat and I was contemplating heeding the deep voice growing within that said, “quit your job.” As the school year ended, (I was teaching 5th grade full-time) I began…

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How to Help Her Soften

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul.”~Martha Graham I was dancing there, in front of the altar, rhythm coursing through my veins, heart pumping, joy rising. I turned around and saw him standing there. His eyes smiled along with his mouth and I saw him enjoying himself, enjoying me, enjoying myself. He got it.…

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::Kita:: A Sacred Celebration of Scorpio Energy

Imagine yourself lying in a cuddle puddle on the floor. Laser lights etch in the sky, pink and purple glowing crystals, music that makes your heart ache and sing and yearn to dance, but you sit still, for the warmth of your brothers and sisters has melted your flesh, softening every curve and you’ve never…

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