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Single People: Do You Desire to Be in it for the Ride? 10 Reasons to Partner Long-Term

I suppose as a young girl my fantasies were similar to many women: I wanted to grow older, be happy, get married and have children. Nowadays, the complexity of adult relating has descended upon my life & I realize it’s not all so simple. Here’s what I know for sure: What is most appealing to me at…

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The #1 Way to Identify a Soul-Mate Relationship

  I remember the day that my girlfriends and I had been out shopping and they left it up to me to pick our place for lunch. I chose a local Italian restaurant I had not been to in awhile. When we entered, my eyes fell immediately upon a handsome male I’d never seen before. As…

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3 Common Mistakes Single Women Make with Men

The other night, while the temperatures outside dropped to below zero, I received a phone call from a beloved brother. He had a thing or two on his mind about what he’s noticed with the single women in our tribe. I lent my ear and listened with compassion and humor as I chuckled and laughed…

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