How to Be in A Relationship

Let’s take the man vs. woman out of the equation. Instead of saying, “this is what women want” or “this is what men want” lets say, in relationships, one partner takes on the male energy and one takes on the female. If the woman initiates, pursues, offers casual sex if she really wants more, then…

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Finding the Light in the Dark

“I entered I knew not where, And there I stood not knowing: Nothing left to know…” ~St. John of the Cross I didn’t have a picture-perfect family. I hesitate to write this. I want to be so über positive that I cringe to make room for the dark, muddy, heavy truth. I think my devotion…

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::Kita:: A Sacred Celebration of Scorpio Energy

Imagine yourself lying in a cuddle puddle on the floor. Laser lights etch in the sky, pink and purple glowing crystals, music that makes your heart ache and sing and yearn to dance, but you sit still, for the warmth of your brothers and sisters has melted your flesh, softening every curve and you’ve never…

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