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The Secret to Living a Life You Love

“The Kingdom of God is within you.”~Jesus I’m sitting at Alfalfa’s on day three of my High School substitute teacher gig. It’s been awesome. You see, I’ve been cultivating a life of ease and grace. I am committed to creativity and freedom. I want to live well, have money, and I want time to be…

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How To Know Your Value

I remember the moment I told my mom I was leaving my career. I remember the tears in her eyes as she said, “If you don’t have insurance, you could be the ruin of me.”  I cringed to think that all her hard work over the course of her lifetime could be ruined, by me,…

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Love is An Old Wooden Chair

I feel you knocking Rap, tap, tap… As if you were inside my heart Screaming for attention I could surrender to the tantrum and let the dam break Succumb to the little one within who misses you and tremble Yet I am wiser now I straighten up a bit Make room for breath Breathe into…

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