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3 Common Mistakes Single Women Make with Men

The other night, while the temperatures outside dropped to below zero, I received a phone call from a beloved brother. He had a thing or two on his mind about what he’s noticed with the single women in our tribe. I lent my ear and listened with compassion and humor as I chuckled and laughed…

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What Makes a Relationship a Relationship?

In follow-up to my post about narcissists called, The Problem with Being Swept off Your Feet” I want to distinguish the difference between a narcissist we can be in relationship with, and one we can’t, and what it really means to be in relationship. You see, we are all narcissists. In fact, it is said…

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The Problem with Being Swept Off Your Feet

My therapist sat next to me on her office couch, comforting me in my tears. Then, she asked a question that no one had ever asked me before. “What was it like growing up without a father? What was it like when he left, how did you feel?” I sobbed deep throbbing pulses from some…

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