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Why You Should Not Have Sex With Him

“A boy’s rite of passage into manhood is when he stops seeing women, children, and animals as sources of personal gratification and instead sees them as recipients of his manful, loving bounty.” ~Patricia Allen Ladies, all the ladies. I know, we may get an uproar about this one, too. Can you imagine?! If all the…

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Happy Birthday! Let’s Play!

What if everything you do is okay?  Bombarded with information in these times, with the click of a button I can know almost anything. My daily life is often filled with trips to bookstores, reading facts and figures on-line, or proselytizing with friends. All this has surmounted in having a lot of expectations on myself…

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Healthy Words, Healthy Heart

I had been experiencing a period of great gratitude, appreciation and love. Setting healthy boundaries, eating good food, spending time with friends and using my time to read and listen to inspiring material, I was flying high. Treating myself to regular acupuncture and talk therapy, I was allowing myself to receive support and enjoy my…

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