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How Does a Psychic Reading Help?

I had my first psychic reading when I was in my early twenties. I was in a dark night of the soul. A boyfriend had walked out one day and ceased all communication without any warning. I was left, alone, hurt & feeling abandoned & confused. I needed support. I needed to understand on a…

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Could this Common Problem Be Holding Single Women Back from Attracting Their Mates?

The other day I was energetically reading a client. She wanted to know why she wasn’t attracting a partner when she was athletic, healthy, attractive, had an on-line profile and was visualizing receiving a mate. When I looked at her energetic body, I could see that she had her mother’s energy stored in her second…

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Quick Tip for Clearing out Other People’s Energy

Hello love! It’s so important (and easy!) to clean our energetic space and to CHOOSE to consciously move other people’s energy out of our space! What’s so great about that? You’ll feel more clear you’ll have more of YOU you’ll immediately increase your energy you can actually heal yourself IF it’s YOUR energy and not…

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