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What is The Higher Self and How Do We Access It?

” Love is untarnished by anything that has happened in the material world.” ~ Marianne Williamson, The Gift of Change. The Higher Self is the part of us that is still one with Source Energy. Imagine that you are a being of light and that you exist in multiple dimensions, in multiples spaces and places…

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Intuition is the Language of Your Soul, Are You Fluent?

I told her about my Grandma Jackie… That she was so loving and kind and that she died in a nursing home with Dementia. I shared that she grew up in the hills, took care of her sick parents starting in the eighth grade and so never finished school. I shared that she loved her…

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3 Secret Steps to Starting Your Soul’s Work

Dear Spiritual Seeker, You have a lot to offer! You want to share your gifts with the world. You want to contribute, make a difference, be of service. You know you can create the life of your dreams, you’re just not exactly sure how sometimes. You feel stuck. You procrastinate. You resist. You know you…

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