Weekly Practice with Rachel Claire


Dear one,

I have a thriving and growing Facebook group where I pop in on Facebook LIVE often and share tips + tools + answer questions.

It’s tons of fun + women from all over the world get to connect with others and share and relate about being sensitive, intuitive, psychic healers!

Here’s the thing I know for sure:


If you’re a woman, you’re a psychic and a healer.


It’s just really time that we do away with the myth called, “I’m gifted.”

We’re all gifted – the only difference is, are we choosing to use it or not? Are we consciously owning our power, or not?

If your’e ready to own your power + choose to use your God-given gifts, then I hope you’ll join us.

In this group, I’m going to share weekly practices that we can use to release doubt, fear, anxiety, depression + a lack of self-love.

I hope you’ll consider joining us and play along! You can join my Facebook community here.

I find myself saying all the time…


We must practice, we must do our inner work.


We must learn to heal ourselves. We must relate to our inner world.

So, to help facilitate this, I’ll share a powerful tool or tip each week in our weekly practice.

Now is the time for the Divine Feminine to wake up to her power + wield it to her (and all of our) advantage.

Will you join us?


Join the Live Your Divine Life Facebook Group here.



All my love,


Rachel Claire