• Love my hair guy! 
  • I wake up to the sound of wooden wheels creaking. I open my eyes + Sophia is standing by my bed, fully dressed, pushing her wooden buggy, which is full of dolls. 
She says: I'm going to take you to the ocean. 
I make a surprised, happy face + say: What will we do there?

She says: We'll hang out + play with seashells. Papa will come + Grammy will come + it will be so fun!

I say: Yes! I am going to take you to the ocean someday!

She responds: We'll both come to the ocean!
  • I’m Winnie the Pooh. Sophia was supposed to be a unicorn but changed her mind last minute to be Minnie Mouse. happy Halloween!
  • Rachel Claire & Sophia Grace. Mama & child. Hearth & home. 
  • My sweetest sweetest!
  • Roses from the garden
  • What’s your favorite way to nurture you? After a grief filled weekend I dropped Sophia with papa & headed for massage, hot tub, steam, sauna, chiropractor, followed by lunch in a cafe & now the book store! 
What makes you feel giddy about life? 
  • Have you ever met Rachel the homesteader? 
  • My best girl. Our first trip to the zoo.

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