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I’m an Access Bars Practitioner and Facilitator and I offer Bars sessions in Boulder, Colorado, in person.

  • Would you like to receive more choice, expansiveness, freedom & joy in your life?
  • Would you like to release limitation?



Receive the Access Bars!

You’ll get:

  • 45 minute bars 1:1 session (plan for a whole hour)
  • Follow up PDF with resources, clearing statements & practices to continue to open up more possibility

{ $150.00 }


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Before receiving the Access Bars, I had so many limiting beliefs around what was possible in my life.

After receiving Bars, and taking classes with Access, I started earning more money, opened up to new realizations about who I really am, without the pressure to please others & fulfill expectations. Now, life’s about what feels light & juicy for me!

What is possible for you beyond your wildest imagination? I wonder what you could receive beyond what you’ve ever thought possible?


Read below to see what clients have to say:


I feel empowered, heard, validated and really seen for the first time as my authentic self.

IMG_0336Before working with Rachel I was feeling very raw and emotionally triggered. I was feeling like I was constantly having an anxiety attack and was crying on the drop of a dime. I was unsure of the how the bars method worked, but after I looked into it more from Rachel’s website, I was very interested to try it and see how I would feel. This is powerful energy work that clears on many deep layers and was exactly what I needed. I think that if you feel called to experience this type of energy work then it is for a reason and your subconscious mind knows that it is a good time to reset and lift anything that is holding you down. It is hard to explain, but I immediately felt a sense of relief, like a weight had been lifted. After one bars session and one reading, I was no longer feeling triggered by all of the emotions that were causing me so much pain. I was able to breathe a new light into my body and and really visualize letting go of what was not serving me. I am so grateful to be working with such a compassionate and intuitive healer! I feel empowered, heard, validated and really seen for the first time as my authentic self. I am looking forward to continuing my healing journey with Rachel as a mentor.

I’m motivated again, tranquil, confident, and happy. Thank you.


Since having the Bars, I’ve noticed the ability to trust in myself, that I know where all my possessions are, and that I can remember more information that I take in, and do not have to make lists. I’ve always believed myself to be a forgetful person that misplaces everything until now. I’ve also been craving silence. Time to myself, moments of silence, quiet places. I’ve never done that before. I’ve gotten quite well at watching my thoughts and not emotionalizing them to where I get sad or angry or upset and play the thought over and over. And also I feel like I’ve had less negative thoughts all the way around. I’m motivated again, tranquil, confident, and happy. Thank you. ~Anais Garcia, Colorado



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