This is why I work with you + keep coming back- I can do a reading with you + gain more insight + understanding so fast, you have an ability to understand what’s going on with me energetically and get straight to that. I go to my therapist + spend 30 minutes in story, but when I’m working with you in that reading space, all of the questions get answered + its an expedited path to awareness, growth + information.
Jeannie Sullivan
It was a pleasure to work with Rachel! She helped me get clarity on my business and health, and she created a kind, supportive, and genuinely thoughtful connection with me immediately. She helped me push forward and to really trust my intuition and inner guidance. Our work was powerful!
Alyssa Adams
Life Coach
Rachel is amazing! I was struggling with a mystery illness for a long time and with the guidance she provided, I was able to figure out what had been plaguing me and I feel better than I have in ages! Thank you Rachel!
Alison Shea
Just a quick note of gratitude.  Recently, I have been listening to our recorded sessions and realizing the many lasting nuggets of wisdom and clarity. It is such a gift to return to our sessions, Miracles Manifest and know I can do this. Thank you, thank you.
Dana Pazauski
Mindful Parenting Coach
Her gift is amazing and spot on. Her kindness comes through her voice, yet she feels very strong, focusing on what’s best for you, instead of what you may want to hear. There was much healing done during my reading; I felt much lighter at the end of it, + very hopeful. Please note: I found Rachel online, have never met her in person, and don’t know anyone who knows her. It was a leap of faith, + I am very grateful I called her. She’s absolutely genuine!
Rachel gets to the root of old emotional patterns and subconscious beliefs with her innate ability to ask you perfect questions. I have never experienced such quick and deep work, to make lasting changes in my perception. Rachel helps you see what you need to see. And, has helped me to feel more capable of being myself. I feel the huge shifts this session is offering me already.
Brandi Mackenzie
Certified Nutrition Coach
Prior to the session I felt lost, confused, had waves of emotional pain in which I had no reference of how to handle. Spirituality was just hardly beginning to cross my mind and it wasn’t a huge practice in my life until I committed to the course and resonated deeply with the vision you had of me and said the words that my soul was longing to hear – “validation of my emotions”.” There were many other emotional targets you hit but the daily energy cleanses have drastically changed the way I feel, helped me regain my inner strength, and most of all, rekindled a forgotten self- love. This has brought abundance to my well being and I feel closer to the Divine within and all around me. Thank you Rachel – I would recommend you to anyone who is trying to find their way.
Vanessa Soto
When I booked a clairvoyant reading with Rachel, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Two minutes into the reading and I was immediately assured that she is the real deal. Her authentic presence is so gentle and calming, yet powerful and results- oriented.  What she shared that day was life changing for me.  Rachel gave me the motivation to move forward with confidence.  She is also generous in sharing resources before and after the reading to guide and support her clients.   I received so much clarity and joy from that reading and have recommended Rachel’s services to many already! 

Dimple Aurora
Mindful Parenting Coach
Working with Rachel was by far one of the best decisions I’ve made. I was able to accomplish every one of my goals during my time with her. Rachel was truly there for me, and has given me the best support I’ve had in years. What I believed was only going to be a working relationship turned into a friendship. Throughout the entire program, I couldn’t wait until it was time for us to talk again. I highly recommend Rachel’s program.
Anais Garcia
So many wonderful shifts in my life since our sessions! Remember I had to do the emergency phone call for you to get me out of the house to go on that date?! Well, guess who I married on June 20th? Thank you so much! Much love and gratitude! You’re a badass angel!
Kelly Schinker
Rachel is exceedingly patient and really knows what she’s doing.  Part of why I choose to work with her was because I wanted to expedite the learning curve for getting a business online quickly.  This has happened. I have a webinar up, I’m advertising and I’m getting new leads via my advertising/website (my email list quadrupled.)  I had a very small following and now I have 4 x that number! I could not have done this without her direction and expertise in those areas!!  Truly. It would have taken me months and months if not longer. So, it’s worth paying to learn it from an expert!
Christine Snyder
I could not be happier that I hired you Rachel. Hands down, it was the best decision I ever made for my business. You are so amazing at what you do! I was so excited about what I wrote for my webinar but when I went through it with you, I couldn’t believe how much better you helped me make it. Now I see it from a completely different perspective and now I’ll be able to differentiate myself and capture so much interest. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your amazingness with me!
Faith Davis
Where do I begin to express my gratitude for the expert help and dedication Rachel Claire has given me? One thing I can say for sure is: Do not hesitate to seek her help if you feel it’s a good fit. You will not regret it. She’s a natural teacher with a compassionate flair. She knows her stuff and delivers it in detail, making herself readily available for questions, as any teacher of substance would. Her knowledge about marketing combined with her gift for healing is unique and not often found in one beautiful package. Thank you, Rachel!!
Jan Morris
Rachel has helped whip my life into shape by being incredibly authentic with her wisdom, support and divine feminine essence. She has helped me reclaim my given name, dive back into my healing practice full-blown, and been a catalyst for much needed shifts which have deepened my connection to Self and others. The depth to my life and appreciation for what I have has continued to open and flow. When I get stuck, and need an outside honest perspective, she is the healer I call on to get me back on track and soar ahead. Her services are invaluable, and her prices are beyond reasonable (she could easily charge more). I have infinite love and respect for her Service in this world and all the ways she has helped me, so I can continue to help others. Thank you for sharing your beautiful presence and gifts!! You are Fantastic!
Abigail Rosen
Rachel has such a profound gift and I am so very thankful for finding her. Within just a few minutes into our conversation she made me feel at ease with her comforting and professional manner.  Since the reading and healing session,I am so much more at peace. By using her guidance and tools I can also feel my energy continuing to lift to a lighter and more creative level as each day passes. The angst I’d been having is gone.  I’ve embraced in trusting myself and releasing negativity, which could sometimes be a challenge before, and my life is already moving in a more productive and positive direction. She helped me regain the “me” that was missing.
Bonnie Brown
I’m so happy that my husband stepped out of his comfort zone to see you! It’s only because he has witnessed the impact from my session with you. I’m excited that my friend is going to see you. If I could afford it, I would send everyone who crossed my path to you! Your gift is amazing and just sitting in your energy is soothing!
Krista Kuthbertson
I had a session today with Rachel and she was so spot on! I thoroughly enjoyed her reading and am so glad she shares her gifts with the world! I feel so much closure around issues that had been weighing me down. I feel like I am now ready and wanting to move forward. My spirit feels so free after our session! Thank you so much, Rachel!
Lisa Henbest
What a beautiful healing I session I had with you. I appreciate all your beautiful insight and guidance. What I loved most is that I was truly open to your heart + guidance. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I felt beyond comfortable with you + your beautiful energy. You have a special gift my dear. So much resonated + I feel so much lighter. I can’t wait to soak up the wisdom and your gifts even more when I listen to the recording. So grateful!
Rachelle Edwards
I was BUZZING after our session together! The clearing in my 3rd chakra has caused so many shifts in my life already, I am feeling more comfortable in my own power and feeling safer in my relationships with other women. I am finally excited about attracting my tribe and feeling confident. Rachel’s intuition is the real deal and she is really an amazing healer.
Renae Aldair
You have no idea how good I feel.  I feel like I needed someone to believe in me and give me that little push.  I did Reiki on my daughter as soon as she put Sam to bed. I practiced with the Kundalini like you suggested, and I could really feel the energy flow through me.  I listened to my instincts and just did what my body told me to do. I can’t wait to practice more! I think it’ll help in my coaching well. Thank you SO much!
Jennifer Chenault
I recently received a session from Rachel Claire and was blown away by the potency of her abilities. I didn’t go in with a specific issue or question. I just intended to open my heart and receive the possibility of resonant messages with regards to this current phase of my life. And, that’s exactly what happened! Every comment she delivered resonated with me. Then, she facilitated some energy clearing and grounding to finish the session. This left me feeling extraordinarily clear and light!
Lisa Beare
Massage Therapist
The first thought that comes to mind with Rachel is Gentle Powerhouse. I realize those 2 words don’t often fit side by side, but Rachel embodies both at the same time. With the utmost delicate care, she took me down a journey to reveal things about myself that I needed to see and instantly knew were true. Her capacity for seeing is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I felt naked but in a good way as she helped me see what was really there and in the way so that I could address it and grow. I highly recommend a reading with Rachel to anyone who wants to move past obstacles in their life and evolve to become the best version of who they are meant to be!
Kathya Bustamante
Business Strategist