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Still hiding out? I'll teach you to jumpstart your spirit biz online in 6 sessions or less.

Once Upon a Time

I began to hear what Joseph Campbell refers to as “the call.” A deep yearning was awakening in me. Maybe you're feeling a higher calling, but not sure where to begin...

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My deepest passion? That’s simple. It’s helping people like you heal so you can attract the life you were born to live, free of the judgments of self and other, and of the limiting thoughts and beliefs that have stood in your way. You see, life is precious and beautiful, and it’s way too short to live with someone else’s agenda weighing you down. The shoulds and the nagging self-doubts that seem to come from outside of you. (Because they do.) One of my skills is showing you that some of what you struggle with isn’t fully yours. It’s the collected karmic residue of your family and your culture, and the deeply held beliefs those things have imprinted on you. But your real genius and your unique gifts? Right under the surface, waiting for you to notice them.

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What People are Saying…


Rachel is amazing! I was struggling with a mystery illness for a long time and with the guidance she provided, I was able to figure out what had been plaguing me and I feel better than I have in ages! Thank you Rachel!


This is why I work with you + keep coming back- I can do a reading with you + gain more insight + understanding so fast, you have an ability to understand what’s going on with me energetically and get straight to that. I go to my therapist + spend 30 minutes in story, but when I’m working with you in that reading space, all of the questions get answered + its an expedited path to awareness, growth + information.


I had a session today with Rachel and she was so spot on! I thoroughly enjoyed her reading and am so glad she shares her gifts with the world! I feel so much closure around issues that had been weighing me down. I feel like I am now ready and wanting to move forward. My spirit feels so free after our session! Thank you so much, Rachel!


Just a quick note of gratitude.  Recently, I have been listening to our recorded sessions and realizing the many lasting nuggets of wisdom and clarity. It is such a gift to return to our sessions, and know I can do this. Thank you, thank you.

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