At a crossroads?

I know what it’s like to be sensitive, intuitive, empathic. I know how it feels to take on other people’s energy + pain + think it’s yours. I also know how to let all that go + step fully into my gifts using powerful energy healing tools.

Or, maybe you’ve just got some BIG questions on your heart + mind + you need a soul sister to sort things through + offer clarity + concise guidance. If so, you’re in the right place.

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Does this sound like you?

You’re intuitive, sensitive.

You may be a healer, reader, psychic, or yoga teacher in your own right.

Or, you’re still trying to figure out your gifts + your deeper purpose.

You know you’re meant for something more, but you’re not sure what would feel fulfilling + satisfying.

You want to take that next leap, or stop that bad habit that keeps sabotaging your efforts. Or, there’s that next layer of healing where you need insight, support, validation.

Wherever you are on your journey, you might be bumping up against another layer to sift through, something in your blind-spot that you can’t quite see.

You might be facing a big decision, one that you don’t want to make without thoroughly hashing it through…if only you had a neutral best friend who could see past your fears + help you to name your truth out-loud…that’s where I come in…

If you’re ready to move forward with clarity + certainty then click the link below.

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Rachel Claire

Hi there!

I’m Rachel

If you’re here, you’re likely going through something. If you’re a sensitive, intuitive, empathic woman, you FEEL deeply. We all need to enter the tipi + have sacred space to share our heart. There’s not enough support in this fast-paced world for the modern mystic- so that’s where I come in. I’m your soul sister- ready to enter sacred space with you- no problem’s too big. (Or small.) And there’s nothing you could say that would shock me. I’ve heard it all… Read more…

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