I am an entrepreneur, teacher, clairvoyant, and coach. That’s the business side of things. But there’s also the me side of things, the woman who can’t resist petting animals, has an occasional chocolate bar for dinner and who is more than passionate about women’s spirituality (and rights!), and loves living this amazing life of mine.

My deepest passion?  That’s simple. It’s helping people like you heal so you can attract the life you were born to live, free of the judgments of self and other, and of the limiting thoughts and beliefs that have stood in your way.

You see, life is precious and beautiful, and it’s way too short to live with someone else’s agenda weighing you down. The shoulds and the nagging self-doubts that seem to come from outside of you. (Because they do.) One of my skills is showing you that some of what you struggle with isn’t fully yours. It’s the collected karmic residue of your family and your culture, and the deeply held beliefs those things have imprinted on you. But your real genius and your unique gifts? Right under the surface, waiting for you to notice them.

Most of the people who come to me are sensitive and intuitive, like I am, but have had those gifts seem more like punishments in a world that can be too fast, too loud, and even cruel.

Work with me starts with a deep listening, where I will take the time to see all of the real you. We’ll talk about any blockages you may have, around things like money or relationship, self-confidence or depression, or uncertainly over what this life really has in store for you.

One of my strongest gifts is the ability to sit between the worlds of a psychic and a coach. I can intuit who you really are, what your truest purpose is in this life, and why you’re here. That’s what many psychics do. But I take things one step further. I will help you move into the direction of your desire (mmm), creating tailored practices that can help you to manifest the love, connection, and career you are ready to embrace. 

You could say I’m sort of like a bridge. I can help you see where you are today and where you’d like to be in a year, and then help you to find the path between the two. You’ll have to walk it yourself, of course, but I’ll be there to guide the way.

My coaching and psychic work typically is either one session, for a reading, or about 3 months, with a combination of clairvoyant readings and coaching, tailored meditations, emotional work, and practices to create energetic and emotional clearings.

I have only one expectation of my clients: that you be honest about what you’re really willing to do. It’s your life, after all, and your ability to clear old wounds and manifest a new reality is ultimately work. But it’s the kind of work that pays back, in ways that you may not be able to imagine just yet.  

My name is Rachel Claire Haynes, and I’m here to inspire, to love, and to learn.


It always seems impossible until its done.

Nelson Mandela



Does this really work?

Yes! The result of our work is an approach to shifting your mindset and your marketing so that with time, and consistency, you’ll sky rocket your spiritual abilities, know how to make offers in alignment with your soul’s purpose + live a Divinely-inspired life! (See  Testimonials)

What results can I expect?

You can expect to:

In your personal life:
  • Have big breakthroughs and ah ha moments
  • Let go and release trauma in the body
  • Forgive God & others & find more peace and compassion
  • Create new standards for yourself
  • Fill your gas tank & learn how to self nurture
  • Reach for your passions in life
  • Discover your soul purpose
  • Set goals and reach them
  • Feel empowered & excited about the future
  • Fall back in love with yourself
  • Breakout in Creativity
  • Vibrate as a loving being, and become truly unconditionally loving with all your relationships ( even the most intense ones that normally trigger you)
  • Develop more compassion for yourself and others
  • Be clear, concise and honest in your communication
  • Create healthy boundaries
  • Have more ease and grace in your life
  • Truly love the version of yourself that shows up to play this game called life
  • Learn how to say NO and honor your yes and no’s
  • Find your happiness
  • Connect with the truth of your essence- which is love
  • Watch your best life unfold with ease
In your business:
  • Gain unshakeable confidence in yourself
  • Learn proven techniques for releasing your internal resistance and self-sabotaging tendencies so you can take action and start living your passion and purpose with ease.
  • Get crystal clear on who your ideal clients are who will gladly pay you what your worth to help them solve their problems
  • Create your free and fee offers
  • Create packages and programs so your clients stay longer and get better results, write you compelling testimonials, and have you make more money
  • Leverage your time so you can begin selling one to many and make more money in less time
  • Reach your ideal clients in large numbers and inexpensively
  • Work smarter at building your practice, not harder
  • Become an expert in your field (and be perceived, and paid, as such)
  • Create new goals for your business every 90 days to keep pulling yourself into your future as opposed to pushing so hard
  • Stay accountable to these goals and achieve them
  • Receive specific tools, templates and scripts for you to use: “just add water”
  • Create greater exposure and visibility for your business
  • Learn time-saving techniques that will dramatically cut down your learning curve
  • Make more money than you’re making now, while enjoying being in business for yourself even more than you’re enjoying it now
  • Implement systems so you consistently market your services easily and can finally stop struggling to get clients, for good.

How quickly can I expect results?

That depends on how quickly you can make those inner shifts. Some clients are ready to go and sky rocket their success in a very short time frame, sometimes even in one session, while others have a bit more work to do first. It also depends on how far along you are in your spiritual development, and how willing you are to take action + make new choices!



Professional BIO:

Rachel is in love with life, and she teaches her clients how to fall in love with theirs. She is an entrepreneur, teacher, clairvoyant, and coach. Her deepest passion is helping her clients heal so they can attract the life they were born to live, free of the judgments of self and other, and the limiting thoughts and beliefs that have stood in the way. Rachel brings the very best practices and tools of coaching and psychic intuition to serve those who are ready to step fully into who they really are. Work with her is geared towards action and the tangible results that arise when perceived limitations are overcome. She helps her clients see their deepest truth, and then guides them to a place where they give their gifts to a world that desperately needs them. Her coaching and psychic work typically run about 3 months, with a combination of clairvoyant readings and coaching, tailored meditations, emotional work, and practices to create energetic and emotional clearings.