Clear Your Money Blocks

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I’ve created this video training series just for you to start clearing your energy right away!


In these videos you’ll learn the following:

  • Why we have money blocks
  • Where we got them from
  • How we got them
  • How we can clear our money blocks easily
  • Whether or not clearing really works



Clear your money blocksRachel gets to the root of old emotional patterns and subconscious beliefs with her innate ability to ask you perfect questions. I have never experienced such quick and deep work, to make lasting changes in my perception. Rachel helps you see what you need to see. And, has helped me to feel more capable of being myself. I feel the huge shifts this session is offering me already.




121812_73Before working with Rachel, I was feeling frustrated, scared, and anxious.  I was aware of some fears and un-serving beliefs that were triggering me and keeping me stuck.  I had a fear that I shouldn’t spend the money for the call because it wouldn’t help.  I’m so glad I invested in myself with Rachel’s sessions because I gained so much clarity.  In fact, the next morning as I was journaling, all this new insight came pouring out!  I was quite surprised because I’ve already done so much “work” and I’m pretty self aware.  It’s like a dam was opened and all kinds of ahh haa’s flew out.  The biggest change as a result of working with Rachel has been more clarity and more empowerment.  The best part of working with her is her calm and loving nature, I feel at ease, heard, and affirmed.  I highly recommend Rachel, she is a gifted and powerful healer.


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Thank you so much for joining with me & I hope that you got value from this training.



So much love,

Rachel Claire