Clear Your Money Blocks Tele-seminar

  • Learn from where you inherited your money blocks
  • Learn quick tools to clear your money blocks from your subconscious mind
  • Discover the psychic secrets to clearing energy quickly + effectively
  • Increase your ability to receive + have more money


Every problem we have in our lives can be traced back to its source, which resides within our subconscious mind.


Discover your money blue-print, the subconscious, limiting beliefs in the way of you having what you want! Then, learn to clear them.


This is for you if…

  • You desire to have your outer world better reflect the desires in your heart
  • You want to clear your blocks to success
  • You think you may have limiting beliefs
  • You’d like to have more money


You’ll Receive:

  • Audio of live teleseminar to clear your money blocks
  • Clearings to eliminate your subconscious, limiting beliefs
  • Generative questions to create more right away with ease + grace!





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