Clear Your Money Blocks

I have a unique way of asking you questions to help you get to the heart of your money story. Then, I use all the clearing techniques I know in my toolbox to assist you in clearing + deleting that energy from your space.

Panache Desai says…

Things only have a power over you as long as they remain hidden, and you are in denial. When they are brought into the light of your awareness, you are free.

Is it time to bring your subconscious money blocks into the light of day? 

Are you ready to be free of your old money programming? 

You’ll Receive

I only have 5 spots available for these sessions right now. After 5 people sign up, the offers goes away. This is an introductory price for this offer. After this, the investment in a money session is $159.

You’ll Receive:

✅45 minute 1×1 session for just 89 dollars.

✅Recording of session

✅Post- session check-in

✅Audio to listen to to help you continue to work with clearing limiting beliefs.

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