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I’m an entrepreneur, teacher, clairvoyant, and writer. That’s the business side of things. But there’s also the me side of things, the woman who can’t resist petting animals, has an occasional chocolate bar for dinner and who is more than passionate about women’s spirituality (and rights!), and loves living this amazing life of mine.

My deepest passion?  That’s simple. It’s helping people like you heal so you can attract the life you were born to live, free of the judgments of self and other, and of the limiting thoughts and beliefs that have stood in your way.

You see, life is precious and beautiful, and it’s way too short to live with someone else’s agenda weighing you down. The shoulds and the nagging self-doubts that seem to come from outside of you. (Because they do.) One of my skills is showing you that some of what you struggle with isn’t fully yours. It’s the collected karmic residue of your family and your culture, and the deeply held beliefs those things have imprinted on you. But your real genius and your unique gifts? Right under the surface, waiting for you to notice them.

Most of the people who come to me are sensitive and intuitive, like I am, but have had those gifts seem more like punishments in a world that can be too fast, too loud, and even cruel.


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Leave the Past in the Past…

Ready for present moment peace?

To have that, we’ve got to get you cleaned out. Let’s release thousands of years of karmic residue, shall we?

Let’s get you anchored in present time, so you can be the predominant energy in your space + powerfully CHOOSE what kind of energy you want to BE + HAVE. (That’s psychic talk for let’s get you unstuck, in touch with your truth & your heart, so that you can move forward with clarity!)

With some simple, down-to-earth tools, we can spruce up your auric field, your chakras, and your spirit + have you feeling foot-loose + fancy free.