Are You One of the Not Normals? How to Stop Hiding out and Start Healing

There’s a small percentage of the population who are not normal.

We’re mystics, seers, healers, sensitives. We don’t fit in, we never really have.

We see the truth under lies. We can’t be fooled. We’re artists- we want to live differently.

If this sounds like you, and you’re still struggling to speak your truth, be seen and stand out, then this is for you.

We were programmed early that you can’t survive if you’re a healer or an artist. That’s not a legitimate career path. Go to school, get a degree, settle into a 30 year career path + retire. Then you’ll be safe and secure.

Except, that won’t work for us. We can’t do it.

We’re not willing to sit in front of a computer all day, under halogen lights, with someone else telling us what to do for peanuts. So, we’ve carved our own way often times, but it’s challenging and scary.


It’s scary because in our superconscious we know what happened last time we fully shared ourselves, our truth and let people see us.

We were killed. Burned at the stake. Persecuted.

We’re not stupid. We’ll hide out over here in this corner forever, thank you very much. 

A quick google search will tell you that 80-90 million wise women were murdered during the Inquisition alone.

Say what?? That’s not something we’re going to easily forget, and standing up in the face of that fear is a huge undertaking.

We have a lot to say, gifts to share, art to create, but we get stuck.

Every time we’re about to haul off and rock n’ roll, we remember that we don’t really want to be seen- it won’t end well. So, we go back to pretending to fit in.

Except, it’s not working anymore, is it?

We’re waking up to our gifts.

Our abilities are heightening. We’re more and more certain that we’re programmed by Creator to be here right now, waking up and that it’s HIGH time we allow ourselves to be TRULY seen. Hiding out is hurting more than it’s helping at this point.

The Feminine rising, the claiming of our healing natures, all of this goes against the grain, flies in the face of all the out-dated programs we’ve inherited over lifetimes, and quite frankly, our minds tell us it’s a heck of a lot easier to just be quiet. 

Don’t rock the boat. Go along to get along.

It’s not easy to be ourselves, speak our truth, have people question us, or worse- REJECT us. It’s scary. But the other option is self-abandonment.

 Rejecting ourselves, denying our true nature, and suffering here in anguish until we waste away. And we know we don’t want that. 

The KEY to our healing, awakening, vibrancy, and ultimately- our JOY, lies in honoring who we REALLY are and being who we came here to BE. 

No, it’s not easy. Yes, you’ll be afraid. But you’re also courageous + STRONG and you can do it. 

It takes baby steps. Beginning to acknowledge what’s happening. You’re waking up, or, you’ve been awake + hiding out.

You’re sensing gifts, talents, awarenesses that you didn’t have before. You’re powerful. You matter. Your vibration is valuable. You’re a healer. 

How to stop hiding and begin healing:

Begin to acknowledge what’s happening. You’re a spiritual being having a human experience. Start to validate your truth and your real feelings. Notice the animal totems, synchronicities, or hunches you have. You don’t fit in, it’s true, and that’s more than okay- it’s a good thing. Journal if that helps. Validating is healing.

Here and now begin to speak your truth. Out loud. All the things you’ve been suppressing and hiding need to be spoken. Start to tell people the truth. Allow yourself to disagree. Finally be willing to show up in your relationships, rather than just always people-pleasing.

Honor that you came here at this time to wake up. You’re programmed by Creator. You have everything you need inside of you, and frankly, we need you.

There’s a spiritual war going on + if the last couple of years have shown us anything, it’s that there are nefarious forces at play- and we need all spiritual warriors on deck, awake + speaking truth to power.

Seek out community of like-minded people to validate that you’re not crazy, you’re not that different, and there are many, many of us who see things similarly. In fact, some estimations say that we’re 144, 000 strong.

And finally, if you’re ready to clear away these fears that hold you back, and you’d like to dive deeper into this, let’s chat.

In one Clairvoyant Healing, we can clear lifetimes of outdated energy, old agreements, vows, fealties + comealties and get your energy in PRESENT time, anchored in your BODY, connected to Source, ready to rock n’ roll!

How much is it costing you to stay stuck, play small + hide out?

If you don’t release the outdated energy or fear holding you back, how long will you carry it around?

How bad do things have to get before you’re willing to stand up, speak out, and be seen for who you really are + what you truly believe?

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I look forward to SEEING more of you!


Rachel Claire