Faith Davis Case Study

I always knew I had it in me to start a spiritual coaching business of some sort, but I could never clearly see what that would entail and I couldn’t imagine how I would even begin the process. I felt like I didn’t have the time to add this on top of my busy life, I feared I wasn’t good enough, and I lacked the confidence to follow through with it. It was a thought, but it wasn’t a clear enough picture in my mind for me to even know where to begin.

I knew that if I didn’t seek help, I would stay stuck in my fears and hesitations forever. When I found Rachel, I knew instantly she was the one who could help me get out of my own way.

I just have this knowing that it’s going to take shape and come to fruition (and quickly too). I just adore Rachel. She has such a genuine and caring nature, and she has so much confidence in me that it is spilling over into my own self-confidence.

I am thinking of doing things and adding services to my business that I never thought I would be able to do. I’ve also gained so much clarity through the exercises she has had me do and through our coaching calls that it’s all falling into place. 

Our first session was a reading, and I was blown away by it. Rachel has a unique way of reading people and it helped me to learn a lot about myself. It was the perfect way to begin a coaching relationship because now she really gets who I am and I have more clarity as well.

I also love the confidence she has in me to do things that I would never think possible, and it’s really starting to make me feel more confident as well. She makes me think outside of the box and she challenges me but in the gentlest of ways – there is nothing pushy about Rachel but her gentle suggestions get inside of you and change your from within. 

Thank you, Rachel!

Faith M. Davis

Spiritual Coach, Healer, Writer/Marketer, Author