Dear Spiritual Seeker,

You probably want to do your Soul Purpose and express your Divine Gifts in service of others…AND you want to make a great living doing so! You DON’T want a traditional “business!” or a traditional life! You want to live on the cutting edge, share your heart and shine your light!

  • Do you feel guilt & shame for wanting more?
  • Do you struggle with feelings of unworthiness?
  • Are you struggling with receiving?
  • Do you feel guilty about wanting more money?
  • Are you doing work you love, but struggling to find clients?
  • Do you give away too much so people will like you?

You know you have great potential, but you’re not seeing the results you want to see.

You have to get to the root of your problems for them to heal.

We can create all the business ideas we want, but if on a sub-conscious level we have a block around receiving or deservingness, we will not allow love, money or goodness to flow into our lives and we will sabotage our lives.

In a reading, we’ll work on healing the subconscious patterns you have in place that keep you from receiving the love, healing, self-acceptance and money that you desire.

I can support you in being embodied, owning your power, calling in your spiritual team of support and creating a life that is Divinely inspired! YOU have tremendous support that you can easily tap into to transform your life into one where you experience healing, love, non-judgment, and wholeness.

Are you ready to release, reclaim, receive, recover and restore?

  • Do you want greater clarity in your purpose?
  • Do you crave a deeper and more meaningful spiritual life?

I’m here to remind you that you’re an infinite spiritual being, full of power and passion and purpose. You’ve got a mission, a FULL life to live, but you’ve got to heal and open to love and reclaim that which you’ve disowned.

Embrace a new relationship with yourself through acceptance, healing, love and wholeness!

You see, when you are in alignment with your soul’s plan and you’re sharing your gifts with the world, you’ll attract the right relationships, circumstances and people, BUT FIRST, You need to heal your subconscious patterns and learn to connect to you, your truth and your inner guidance. Then…

You’ll live a life of magic, purpose, and prosperity and your bank account will be the proof of that!

 Consider me your guidance counselor, spiritual mentor, and Divinely Inspired Life Coach, here to fan your flames!

We’ve got work to do, jump in!

Download my FREE Report above and take the first step in releasing, reclaiming and recovering!

To your healed, whole, loving life!

Rachel Claire