Parent Consultation

If you’re a parent of a young child, you have to work through a variety of dynamics on a daily basis. From tantrums, screaming, crying, hitting others, to bedtime nightmares- you name it, parenting is hard!

Though it’s the most rewarding job on Earth ( in my opinion) it’s also the toughest! We need support + we need someone to listen. In this session, I’ll be a neutral space to share your biggest frustrations + struggles + help you get to the heart of the matter so that you know what you’re experiencing in likely very normal, developmentally appropriate, and there are tools to help.

It’s possible to be the confident leader in your relationship. It’s possible to remain calm when your child is not calm. It’s possible to have boundaries that feel warm yet firm, and its possible to have peace in your home.

I use my Masters in Elementary Education, my 10+ years as a teacher in public + private schools, my years as a preschool teacher and kindergarten teacher, and as a parent to a 7 year-old child.

We’ll end our session with an energetic check-in with your child + we’ll give their energetic aura a nice clean out, if this is okay with you.