Are you a mama?

(deep bow)


Do You…

  • Struggle with your child?
  • Not sure if you should hold firmer boundaries or be nicer?
  • Feel like you’re not the leader in your home?
  • Think your toddler might be staying up WAAAYY too late?
  • Wondering if you should put your kid in school or homeschool?
  • Thinking Waldorf, Montessori, IB, magnet school,  (but not even sure of the difference??)


Do You…

  • Wonder about the energetics, patterns, and karma between you + your child?
  • Want to heal some of that?
  • Want to support your child in psychic healing + development
  • Need guidance, clarity or a safe space to vent + receive practical solutions?



Then these special sessions are for you!



I’m Rachel Claire, and I hold a Masters Degree in Education…


Plus, a double minor in Multi-Cultural Anthropology + Psychology and have over 10 years experience teaching in public + private schools throughout Colorado.


To find out even more about my experience explore here.


I’m also sensitive, intuitive, Clairvoyant, Empathic + razor sharp!

I can help you make sense of why you’re feeling out of control, overwhelmed, or concerned.

I can offer you powerful, practical and easy tools to help you love yourself better, take good care of your energy + have better boundaries.



Here’s what you’ll receive in your Parent Session:

2 x 1:1 Session with me via Zoom or phone

Recording of session

Digital Program- healing psychically with your children

Email support


Want to know if this is for you? Email