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Rachel Claire, clairvoyant, spiritual biz consultant, Ordained Minister and student of the Course, begins her long-awaited podcasts on all things Miracles + Manifestation. Join with me each week as we explore being a woman in the modern world, building our businesses, raising our children + rising in consciousness. Together, let’s celebrate the good, the beautiful + the holy! 

>>[:57] What is a miracle?

>>[2:04] What is this podcast about?

>>[2:12] Rachel’s story

>>[4:50] How Rachel got started as a Clairvoyant

>>[7:19] The intention of this podcast + its focus

>> [7:32] What is a Course in Miracles?

>>> [8:40] Quote from Alan Cohen

>> [9:36] How does A Course in Miracles connect with psychic healing work?

Links mentioned in this audio:

A Course in Miracles

The Way of Mastery

A Deep Breath of Love by Alan Cohen

Earl Raj Purdy

No Child Left Behind


Generation X making less than their parents

Access Consciousness

Miracles Manifest Mastermind

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