Hello Beautiful,

My expertise lies in offering spiritual guidance & wisdom when you’re ready to release that which no longer serves, reclaim your power and your energy and recover your light!

Is it time to BE who you came here to be?

Is it time that your bank account and your relationships reflect the richness of your heart?

You are enough, you’re worth investing in your dreams and you can heal, grow & transform your life into one that truly reflects who you really are, feels good & lights you up!

How great is that?


{ Ready to embody your divine feminine essence, tune into your soul purpose & live life on fire? }


{ Here’s what qualifies me to serve you: }

  • I am a Clairvoyant and a Minister in The Church of Inner Light, this means that I am registered in the State of Colorado to offer spiritual guidance, perform divine healing, perform baptisms, wedding ceremonies and last rites
  • I’m a Clairvoyant Reader & Healer with over three years experience working 1:1 with clients
  • I am a Graduate of “How to Heal Yourself” and the “Clairvoyant Training Program” at Psychic Horizons
  • I currently attend on-going Graduate Courses at Psychic Horizons to develop and hone my skills
  • I’m a Graduate of the  Women’s Healing Class at The Wish Center, Denver, Co. with Julia Stonestreet Smith
  • I hold a Master’s Degree in Education and a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences with a double minor in Multicultural Anthropology & Psychology
  • I am a Licensed Educator in the State of Colorado
  • I have over ten years experience teaching in public & private schools
  • I was an Outdoor Education trip coordinator & facilitator for 7 years with Cal-Wood Outdoor Education Center
  • I coached participants in the Introduction Leaders Program at Landmark Education
  • I was an Introduction Leader for Landmark Education for two years
  • I’ve been coached by world class leaders at Landmark Education & completed the following programs:
  1. Curriculum for Living
  2. Wisdom Course
  3. Introduction Leaders Program
  4. Completed the “Living Passionately,” “Money” & “Sex & Intimacy” seminars
  5. Completed the entire Communication Curriculum
  • Aletheia Program, Integral Center, trained in the art of deep & authentic relating

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