Below I’ve listed some of my free resources as well as some resources I enjoy, that I thought I’d share!

Free Report: 5 Blocks to Healing (and How to Overcome Them)

After reading women from all around the world for the last 11+ years, I’ve noticed some themes that come up again + again. In this free report, I shared the top 5 blocks I hear women have on their healing journeys + how to overcome them.

Free Resource Library

This is a library full of guided meditations, lectures, free calls, interesting tools + past offerings + work. It’s all here, free, for now, so get it while it’s hot!

Women’s Psychic Healing Toolbox

This toolbox includes the guided meditation that I lead women through at the end of our readings (a meditation I’ve been doing daily for over 10 years) It also has audios on the importance of grounding + cleaning our aura, plus a BONUS PDF on my fave books on intuition + healing.

Guided Meditations on Insight Timer

My bliss~ creating meditations for spiritual women for healing + being the best version of ourselves we can be! Get them here free.

Some of my favs