How to Book a Reading:

1. Choose either a 30 minute session or a 60 minute session.

2. Email Rachel to schedule the date and time for your reading. Please note that I am in Boulder, Colorado, Mountain Standard Time.

3. Pay ahead of time using the “Paypal” links below to confirm your session.

4. I will call you at the time of your session, please ensure I have your number.

5. If your session is in person, please email me directly for address.

Thank you for scheduling with me today! I look forward to our session.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I pay?

You can pay with a credit card using the Paypal links below.

Psychic Reading & Healing Session:

60 minutes, $150.00



30 minute session/$75.00



What should I do to prepare for the session?

What to expect with your first session:

Be sure you are hydrated and comfortably fed prior to the session.  You may wish to have paper and something to write with if you’d like to take notes. I will record the session and send you a digital download via email. If you are having an in-person session, we will sit in two sofa chairs opposite each other and when you are settled in, I’ll adjust in, say a prayer and share with you messages that I see from spirit. After my initial guidance, I will open to your questions.

If it is a phone session, please make sure you are in a quiet place to receive optimum results.

I will look at your energetic body and access Divine guidance to receive the most clear and accurate information available based on your current situation.  I will receive images in my mind’s eye in answer to your questions. I may see that your current struggles or questions have to do with a past life, or an energetic block. Once energetic blocks have been identified, we clear the blocks through energetic release.  We may access deep layers of emotions or traumas that haven’t been processed all the way through.  We may access stored information from a past life.  I trust that the information that comes through in the session is perfect.  Once we clear everything that is available to clear in one session, you will have time to ask any questions.

We then conclude the session with a closing meditation and intention for your healing process. Know that our cells contain a wealth of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual information, and there is only so much we can work with in one session.  It may take multiple sessions for patterns to really change, but you will feel a difference after one session.

Following the session, be sure to drink lots of water and be gentle with yourself for several days.  It takes about 3 days for the healing to fully integrate.  You will receive information after the session on ways to take care of yourself.  Most people report feelings of clarity, encouragement, relief, amazement, or feeling lighter, just to name a few.  It is truly a healing experience.

Thank you!

All my love,

Rachel Claire