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In light of the current situation on the planet, with the Corona Virus, many of us are experiencing a huge shift in our emotional, physical + spiritual bodies. This is a time of great change and can be stressful, but I believe it is also time for a Great Awakening!

If you’d like support with navigating these time, remaining positive, releasing fear and setting your dominant frequency, then let’s join together. I can help you:

•Release fear

•Refuel + replenish with your own truth

•Set healthy boundaries + clean + clear your aura + your chakras

•Establish practices to help you calm yourself, center and feel peaceful

•Tap into your own knowing + wisdom to assist you to step into your leadership

•Assist you with energy healing if you’re an empath or highly sensitive being!

•Offer support, deep listening + guidance

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • 1×30 minute phone clairvoyant reading + healing session with Rachel Claire via phone. (I’ll call you.)
  • Pre-session PDFs to get the most out of our time together
  • Post-session PDFs to assist you in integrating our session
  • Recording of our call in MP3 format
  • Follow-up email check-in

BONUS gift: Women’s Intuition Toolbox

Once you’ve made your purchase, you’ll be taken to a booking page. Then, you can pick a time for your session.

If you’re overseas, we’ll meet up via Zoom.

If the times don’t work, you can always reach out to me at rachel at the boulder psychic dot com and I can move things around!

**You have 30 days to claim this offer.**

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