This I know for sure…

1. Record your Dreams!

I recommend recording your dreams right away! There is so much  wisdom and symbology in our dreams. I believe spirit speaks to us through our dream life. Take note!

2. Have a Morning Routine:

What is it like, if before you step your feet on the ground, you take a moment to breathe into your heart, your belly, thank Creator for this new day, and feel your body?  How do you feel?

Set an intention for the day.  Then, begin with warm lemon water to ignite your digestive fire and prepare to break your fast. Next, do three pages of stream of consciousness writing to clear out the surface level junk, and be sure to have a nutritious breakfast. See this vlog entry for super food smoothie ideas. If you are a writer, like me, be sure to schedule time to NOT have a morning routine, but get up, stay in your pajamas and write first thing! Savour that creative juice and don’t let your ‘to do’ list squelch it!

2. Set Intentions

Set an intention for your day.  Then, set intentions for each segment.  For example, when you begin to drive in your car.  Say, “I intend to have a graceful, easy, safe journey.” Check in often.  If you don’t have a clear intent, you may end up like a leaf in the wind, at the effect of others thoughts and desires. Taken from Esther and Jerry Hicks, The Law of Attraction.

3.  Break a Sweat Everyday!

I love walks, dance, yoga in my living room or with a class, bike rides, and my gym!  I love to read on the elliptical or treadmill and my favorite new exercise is the rowing machine! I realize that life just plain ol’ doesn’t work for me if I am not moving regularly!

4.  Have a Mantra or a Mudra

It is vital that we use our minds, instead of our minds using us.  Intercept negative thinking, and immediately redirect to a better feeling thought. Familiar with Mudras?  Check out this book.  We have energetic points on our hands related to pressure points and using Mudras is not just an intellectual idea, it shifts energy!

5.  Spend Time in Nature

A quick walk, or a rest up against a tree, can do wonders to transform your mood.  Give yourself the gift of wandering in nature.

6.  Clutter Clear!

I love to set the timer for 10-15 minutes and work on one “hot spot!”  It is amazing what can get done in only ten minutes.  If you have less time, set the timer for two minutes and work on one spot.  This is my saving grace, because if I have a cluttered home, I have a cluttered mind!

Go sit at a book store and read about Feng Shui, or clutter clearing, get inspired, take some notes and then go home and get started! I do this often, and you don’t even need to buy the book! Here is one of my favorite clearing books.

7.  Listen to/Read Inspiring Material

For me, Abraham-Hicks saves my life.  I am so inspired and reminded of my divine nature, daily.  Choose something that works for you and listen in the car, in the morning, or at night when you go to sleep. Check out Hay House’s free on-line shows.

Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Caroline Myss, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Eckhart Tolle, these are a few of my favorite authors!

8.  Sleep!

According to Dr. Deepak Chopra, between 10 and 11 in the eve is the best time to go to sleep and have the deepest rest.  How many hours do you need to feel truly rested? Seven hours minimum is needed for many of us. For me, prepping for bed an hour in advance helps!  Wind down with tea, perhaps while your journal about your day? For sweet dreams and empowered thought upon waking, read this book by Louise Hay before you retire. Oh! Don’t forget your Amythest under your pillow for enhanced dream-time adventures!

9.  Record Your Life Dreams

This is not for literal sleeping dreams, but your life goals, those dreams. Write them down. Collage them. Share them often. Visualize yourself living that life and feel it.  It works! I promise! Experiment with the manifesting power of writing down your desires. Click here for a great tool to plan your year and achieve those goals!

10.  Create Sacred Space

In my home, I burn incense every morning and offer it up to the divine and for the good of all beings.  I light candles.  I display crystals and have many plants.  I burn sage, followed by sweetgrass.  I love to burn epsom salts for space clearing.  I display art and decor that I love.  I keep things clean and neat (for the most part!) and I love to visualize grounding my home to the earth, protecting it in a bubble and clearing it and filling it in with sacred joy, love and healing. For you, it could be that elaborate, or simply be to create a mood that feels nurturing in your bathroom and take a bath!  Check out this rejuvenating bath from Dr. Hauschka.

11. 15 minutes to Prosperity

Have you read The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity?

12. Write Every Day

Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way, suggests, “Morning Pages.”  These are three, hand written pages of automatic writing done first thing in the morning.  The idea is that you get the critic out, you clear out all the junk of the lists, complaints, or other surface level of the mind stuff, to make way for the deeper creative muse to come through.  Try it and see how it goes.  I love this creative process and swear by it.  I completed the “Artist’s Way” Course too.

13. Eat a Rainbow everyday!

Hooray for fresh, organic, home-cooked food! Get creative with your cooking, take a class, or invite friends over to create meals together. 🙂

14. Be with Women!

Nothing is more fulfilling than a juicy, fun night with sisters who get you, see you, honor you, and join in with honoring the divine in all things through sacred ritual. Yum!

15. Call upon your guides and Angels!

Let them in. Due to the law of free will, your angels and guides can’t interfere unless you invite them to do so. Practice asking for assistance from the heavenly realm, even if it feels strange at first. You do have guides, and they do wish to help!