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I’m Rachel Claire & I’m dedicated to the art of teaching you to know that you know.

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Are you a healer, counselor, teacher, psychic reader or energy worker?

Or, are you someone who is ready to heal, reclaim your power and step into the highest version of yourself?


  • Are you ready to live your best life?
  • Do you know you are here for a great purpose?
  • Do you know you have way more awareness than you’ve ever given yourself credit for?
  • Is it time to own your power?
  • Would you like to develop your psychic awareness?
  • Are you ready to learn to heal yourself + others?
  • Is it time to discover your own answers?


If so, then this program is designed for you!!


This program is for people who are ready to heal, and to tap into their intuition.


If you desire to be more psychic or aware, and want to use your intuition to guide your life, then this program is for you!


I will help you to know your talents, to heal what’s blocking you and to learn to trust yourself. I’ll teach you everything I know from all my training and experience in being clairvoyant + psychic. I’ll even teach you actionable steps to create your own intuitive healing business if that’s what you desire.

So, whether you’re an intuitive person with a hunch that you have gifts that you could develop so you could be of service to others, or you’re a fully practicing healer, counselor, reader or teacher, and you’re ready to up your healing abilities and make a bigger impact in the world with your clients + your biz, I’m here to help + this is for you!


Here’s how this program works:


In this signature program, which lasts 4 months (16 weeks) I will take you through proven ways to connect to your own inner wisdom, cultivate your intuition, learn to heal yourself and attract the relationships, jobs and peace you’ve always wanted.


This course is a co-creation, and I use all my talents, resources, gifts & skills to share with you proven ways to make the changes you want to make and to release what doesn’t serve, so you can live the life you deserve!


At the end of this program, you will…

  •  Know how to go within and discover your own answers
  • Be grounded in your purpose
  • Heal unwanted patterns
  • Heal yourself and others without giving away your energies
  • Receive validation of your own intuition
  • Learn to attract the career, relationship and peace you’ve always wanted
  • Create and maintain healthy boundaries
  • Know how to replenish your energy
  • Know how to own your space
  • Know how to release what doesn’t work!
  • Know how to actualize the life you dream of!


Open Heart


Don’t take my word for it, read what my clients have said…


Working with Rachel in her DGL program was easeful yet directed. I enjoyed the opportunity to be clairvoyantly “read” and guided by what she saw, as well as “coached” to uncover my own findings. Rachel gave me exercises and visualizations that I use regularly to help me feel centered and balanced in my body, as well as curious in the present moment (always great when I’m feeling overwhelmed). Her coaching allowed me insights to become more clear in the message of my business. Overall, working with Rachel feels exciting! I highly recommend working with Rachel, as she combines some amazing skills to offer you the change you desire. ~Brandi Mackenzie, Boulder CO


photo.pngRachel is an amazing coach and teacher! I just completed two cycles of her Divinely Guided Life coaching program and the changes that I’ve been able to implement with her help are amazing. Rachel’s insight is laser sharp, and her support is compassionate and graceful. If you are in a place in your life where you know what you want to change, but you’re having a hard time realizing those changes, I hope you’ll reach out to Rachel for a strategy session (and coaching!). With her help, I was able to break lifelong patterns in my life and move into a freedom that feels authentic for me. What’s really wonderful is that we were able to work together so effectively in spite of the distance. ~Jeannie Sullivan, South Carolina


734284_10151577722795420_711566082_nThe first thought that comes to mind with Rachel is Gentle Powerhouse. I realize those 2 words don’t often fit side by side but Rachel embodies both at the same time. With the utmost delicate care, she took me down a journey to reveal things about myself that I needed to see and instantly knew were true. Her capacity for seeing is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I felt naked but in a good way as she helped me see what was really there and in the way so that I could address it and grow. I highly recommend a reading with Rachel to anyone who wants to move past obstacles in their life and evolve to become the best version of who they are meant to become. ~Kathya Bustamante, Vancouver, BC


IMG_0316Working with Rachel was by far the best decision I made in 2015. I was able to accomplish everyone of my goals during my time with her! Rachel was truly there for me, and had given me the best support I have had in years. What I believed was only going to be a work related relationship turned into a friendship. I couldn’t wait until it was time for us to talk again through out the entire program even though I went in fearful of what others may think, or what the readings consisted of, I highly recommend Rachel’s Divinely Guided Program. With the help of Rachel I became a person I did not know I was capable of becoming, and I am for ever grateful to her for guiding me through this amazing process.


dreamstime_s_29725038Rachel is a beautifully polished mirror who reflects back to me the reality of what is actually there to see, which is better than my idea of me. During our time together she taught me various tools to connect to that reality on my own so that I can amplify that rather than focus on the scarcity that my mind can easily gravitate to. The most wonderful part of working with Rachel is the love & care & inexplainable wisdom she injects into every session. I’ve rarely felt someone so committed to my well-being as if it were her own. There is no doubt she is living her calling and I only wish my loved ones could all have the chance to experience the gift of working with her. ~Halleh B. Southern California



You’ll Receive:

+Three calls per month for 4 months tailored to fit your needs. We’ll have a combination of coaching calls + readings.

+Private members only page with BONUS RESOURCES

+Guided Meditations in MP3 format & video to clean & clear your energy

+Guided meditations for healing in audio format

+Recordings of all readings and coaching calls in MP3 format

+Email correspondence during our work together

+Videos, PDFs, audio MP3s and other materials tailored to your needs

+Access to my private Facebook group, Live Your Divine Life where you can connect with other healers, psychics, intuitives and entrepreneurs living their best life!


If you’re feeling nervous about investing, I totally get it. That’s why I’ve created a Free Strategy Session for people just like you, who are interested in investing in transforming your life, but you’re not sure if this is the program for you.

In your free strategy session, we’ll hop on the phone + see if we’re a good fit. I’ll answer any questions you have + help you get some clarity around an area of life that’s not working for you. You’ll get a taste of my style + what it’s like to work with me.


Ready to do this? Want more info? Click the pic below + sign up for a free strategy session.






Thanks so much for being here! I hope to work with you!