{ Hire me as your coach! }


Are you ready to heal, grow & transform your life?

  • What if you could feel more expansive, light, free & clear?
  • What if you could have everything you’ve ever wanted sooner than you think?
  • What if you could receive support to empower you to BE the radiant being you truly BE?

What would that make possible?

How does it get better than that?

I’m one part spiritual counselor, one part coach. That equals a vibrant mix of powerful transformation!

I use my years of service as a teacher, a Master’s Degree in Education, Minor in Psychology, and years of service as a Reverend Minister, psychic reader & healer to be the biggest contribution I can be to you & your life, in a short amount of time! (That’s just for starters, click here for my “Qualifications” page to find out more about what I have to offer.)

Ready to transform your life?

Here’s What You’ll Get:

  • You can choose one session at a time, or the 90 day challenge which includes 6 1:1 Sessions with me designed to facilitate your deepest possible healing & life transformation!! ( Can be in person or via phone)
  • Clairvoyant Reading & Healing
  • Access Bars session in person, or a long-distance healing
  • Weekly videos to guide you through meditations & psychic awareness exercises
  • PDFs of all videos and meditations, PLUS clearing statements & generative questions to assist you in clearing all levels of your life- energetic clearing, space clearing, energetic bodies clearing
  • Mp3 recordings of all sessions
  • Mp3s of guided meditations & clearing statements
  • Learn to develop your own intuitive & psychic awareness
  • Receive coaching on any area of your life that’s important to you
  • Release unwanted energies
  • Revitalize & invoke new energies
  • Guided meditations assist you in the following:
  1. Grounding
  2. Cleaning your space
  3. Filling in on your own energy- reclaiming your power
  4. Maintaining your neutrality
  5. Exercises to assist you in knowing that you know!
  • 24 hr email access to me with questions or concerns

3 x a month for two months or 2 x a month for 3 months ~or~ one session

{ Coaching }

DURATION: 3 months

{ $1500.00 }

One session:

{ $200.00 }

Email Rachel to schedule your session now.